Hasznos párbeszédek – Időbeosztás megvitatása


Jöjjön most két hasznos párbeszéd - amely segítségedre lehet, ha angolul szeretnéd megvitatni a munkabeosztást. 


Peter: Good morning, Kate, how are you?
Kate: I’m fine, thank you. And you? Are you ready to start your new job?
Peter: I’m really looking forward to working here. My general induction training starts at 10 but I would appreciate some information on the daily schedule of the office.
Kate: We start between 8 and 9, except on Mondays. The department meeting starts at 8.30 sharp and everybody is supposed to be there.
Peter: So that is when we find out about the weekly tasks?
Kate: That’s right. But for a while you will only need to focus on your everyday tasks and the weekly report. I will help you fill in the time sheets as well.
Peter: Do you think you could give me a printout of my tasks? It would be really helpful.
Kate: For the next two weeks you’ll be shadowing Ross in the mornings and do your tasks in the afternoon. This is the list, just let me know if you can’t cope with something.
Peter: Thanks so much. When do you usually go on lunch break?
Kate: Between 12 to 1.30. But we must make sure that somebody stays here to pick up the phone, so we take turns.
Peter: Ok, got that. Anything else I must remember?
Kate: You must make sure your weekly time report is above 40 hours plus 2,5 hours lunchtime. As long as you stay above that, you can choose what time you arrive until 9 and leave after
4.30. At the induction training you will also get your username and password to the intranet.

Peter: All right, I see. Thank you so much.
Kate: Now I’ll introduce you to Ross and you two can discuss the weekly tasks he’ll be doing during the shadowing period.

to look forward to – várni valamit
general – általános
induction training – bevezető képzés
to appreciate – értékelni valamit
except – kivéve, valami kivételével
sharp – itt pontosan
to find out about – megtudni valamiről valamit
to focus on – valamire koncentrálni
to fill in – kitölteni (űrlapot)
time sheets – munkaidő-jelentő lap
helpful – hasznos, segítőkész
to shadow – valakit munka közben megfigyelni
to cope with – megbirkózni valamivel
to take turns – sorban csinálni valamit
as long as – feltéve ha, azzal a feltétellel
username – felhasználónév
password – jelszó
intranet – belső hálózat
to discuss – megbeszélni


Nézd meg ezt is:  Munka az irodában: időbeosztás megvitatása

Jim: Hi Monica, I would like to discuss the work schedule for December with you. Have you got a minute?
Monica: Hi, let’s sit down with a coffee.
Jim: We thought we could organise it better than last year. Nobody really wants to work between Christmas and the 1st of January.
Monica: I can’t blame them. But we will fall behind schedule if work stops for a whole week.
Jim: It won’t. The new guy, Karl will be here in the office anyway, as he is still on trial period. He’ll be able to deal with the phone and the mail. And he can do the data entry.
Monica: Ok, office sorted but how about the work?
Jim: If everybody agrees to do some scheduled overtime during November and the first half of December, we can get ahead of schedule. That means the team can be on holiday with two people doing on-call duty on a rotating basis.
Monica: Not a bad idea. Have you worked out how many hours of overtime can get us ahead of schedule?
Jim: Roughly 15 hours per person. I think that is manageable as it is spread over a 6-week period. But we have to do it on scheduled days to make sure everyone is available. Something like staying open until 7 twice a week.
Monica: All right. Book the meeting room for tomorrow and let’s see what everyone thinks.
Jim: Ok, I’ll send out the meeting requests.


to blame someone – hibáztatni valakit
to fall behind schedule – lemaradni a tervhez képest
trial period – próbaidő
to deal with – megoldani valamit, foglalkozni valamivel
to be sorted – el van intézve
to agree – beleegyezni
ahead of schedule – jobban haladni a tervezettnél
roughly – durván
manageable – kezelhető, megoldható
to be spread – eloszlani, megoszlani
available – elérhető
twice a week – kétszer egy héten
meeting request – meghívó értekezletre


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