Fogas idiómák


Jöjjön néhány "fogas" idióma és egy kis feladat. 


a kick in the teeth: when someone treats you very badly         
amikor valaki nagyon rosszul bánik velünk (olyan érzés, mintha fogba/ szájba rúgnának)

by the skin of one’s teeth:just barely, very narrowly     
éppen, hogy/ alig

dressed to the teeth: to dress in a very elegant and stylish was by paying attention to every little detail
nagyon elegánsan és stílusosan felöltözni, odafigyelve az apró részletekre is

fight tooth and nail: to do everything you can to achieve something    
minden erőt bevetve küzdeni/ nagy erőfeszítést igénylő dolgot csinálni (körömszakadtáig)

sink one’s teeth into something:to start doing a new project
belemélyeszteni valamibe a fogát (átvitt értelemben)/ valami újba fogni

lie through one’s teeth: to tell outrageous lies 
nagyot hazudni

show your teeth: to behave in an angry or threatening way      
amikor nagyon mérgesek vagyunk és hasonlítunk egy vicsorgó kutyára

scarce as hen’s teeth: something which is very seldom to find
nagyon ritka

like pulling teeth: when it’s very difficult to get information from somebody    
amikor valakiből úgy kell kihúzni valamit

give your eye teeth for something:you would very much like to have something or be that thing
annyira akarni valamit, hogy akár a fogunkat is odaadnánk érte

Complete the sentences with one of the expressions from the table above.

1.    She was on pins and needles before her new job. She couldn’t wait to ______ her _______ it.

2.    When he told me he didn’t love me, it was like ___________.

3.    I’ve always wondered how she manages to look so elegant all the time. I just don’t have the energy to be so ________ every day.

4.    My grandmother always tells me to treasure my husband because she thinks that decent men nowadays are ___________.

5.    We __________ to win the match but in the second half one of our players got injured.

6.    He was obviously _____________ when he told us he had never seen her before.

7.    Getting information from my son is __________. He never tells me anything.

8.    Come on! Let her know you’re angry! _____ ____!

9.    I passed my exam _____________.

10.I’d __________ a fancy car like that.


1.    sink her teeth into

2.    a kick in the teeth

3.    dressed to the teeth

4.    scarce as hen’s teeth

5.    fought tooth and nail

6.    lying through his teeth

7.    like pulling teeth

8.    show your teeth

9.    by the skin of my teeth

10.give my eye teeth for

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