5 Perc Angol: 5 kifejezés naponta – Funny

A mai “5 expressions a day” sorozatunkból kiderül, hogy a “funny” szó nem is mindig vicces. Vágjunk is bele!

A mai “5 expressions a day” sorozatunkból kiderül, hogy az angol “funny” szó nem is mindig vicces. Vágjunk is bele!

1.funny bone villanyozó ín (könyöknél)//humorérzék

the outer part of the elbow (= the middle part of the arm where it bends). Your funny bone can hurt a lot if it is knocked.

I hit my funny bone on the edge of the coffee table.

to have a sense of humour

Schwarzenegger could use his funny bone in the film titled ’Twins’.

2.funny looking/funny look – furcsa kinézetű//furcsa pillantás

when something/somebody looks strange or weird

Do you know that funny looking guy over there? The one with purple hair and neon green T-shirt.

If you give someone a funny look, you look at them in a way that shows you think they are behaving strangely

I was dancing in the rain and ignored the funny look from passers-by.

3.funny feeling/feel funny – fura érzés//kavarog (a fejem/a gyomrom)

when you feel that something might happen soon without any reason, you have an intuition about something

I had the funny feeling that I was going to drop the glass.

when you feel slightly ill

After eating that slice of cake, I felt a little bit funny.

4.funny sound – furcsa/felismerhetetlen zaj

when a machine makes a strange noise

Our washing machine is making funny sound again.

5.funny business – rosszalkodás//süketelés/mellébeszélés

dishonest actions or behaviour intended to trick someone or misbehave

When you got into my car, no funny business, boys!!

sources: Cambridge Dictionary; Longman Dictionary; When Funny isn’t funny in English, Learn English with Bod the Canadian, Youtube


elbow könyök
to bend hajlítani
to knock beütni/beverni
to ignore semmibe venni
dishonest nem becsületes
behaviour viselkedés
to intend to trick szándékában áll átverni
to misbehave rosszalkodni

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