Similes – Hasonlatok


Egy kis szókincsfejlesztés hasonlatokkal. 


blind as a bat

to have very poor eyesight

vakegér, olyan vaksi, mint egy vakond

as cool as a cucumber

to behave in a cool and relaxed way


as dead as a dodo

absolutely broken or dead

egy szikra élet sincs benne

as free as a bird

to feel great freedom

szabad, mint a madár

as fresh as a daisy

to feel fresh and relaxed

olyan friss, mint egy margaréta, kb mint egy tavaszi virág

as light as a feather

when something is easy to carry


drink like a fish

when someone drinks too much alcohol

annyit iszik, mint egy hal (arra mondják, aki sok alkoholt iszik)

eat like a horse

to eat a lot of food

annyit eszik, mint egy ló

like a bear with a sore head

someone who is in a really bad mood and quite nervous

amikor valaki olyan hisztis és ingerült, hogy leginkább egy fejfájós medvéhez lehet hasonlítani

like a fish out of water

to feel bad because of an uncomfortable situation

partra vetett hal, kellemetlenül érezni magunkat egy helyzetben

like chalk and cheese

to be completely different from each other

mikor két dolog nagyon különbözik egymástól, mint a kréta és a sajt

like two peas in a pod

to be very similar to each other

mikor két dolog, nagyon hasonlít egymásra, annyira, mint két borsó a hüvelyben


Complete the sentences with a suitable simile from the table above, please.

1.    You really haven’t packed too many clothes. This suitcase is _________.

2.    If I didn’t wear my glasses, I would be ________.

3.    We felt ___________ after we graduated.

4.    People always say that my sister and I are _______ but it’s not true. We are actually two very different people.

5.    It was very difficult to tolerate my boss’s behaviour today. He acted ______.

6.    Skiing and snowboarding are _____________. You can’t even compare them.

7.    My computer is __________. It won’t even start.

8.    When my son comes home from soccer practice, he _________. There never seems to be enough food at home.

9.    It’s been such an exhausting week but after a soothing bath and a good night sleep I’ll be ___________.

10.I had thought that I would be a nervous wreck at the exam but fortunately I was _____________.

11.It’s quite shocking to see that teenagers nowadays __________ and they know all the good bars around town.

12.When she confronted me I felt ____________.




1.    as light as a feather

2.    blind as a bat

3.    as free as a bird

4.    like two peas in a pod

5.    like a bear with a sore head

6.    like chalk and cheese

7.    as dead as a dodo

8.    eats like a horse

9.    as fresh as a daisy

10.  as cool as a cucumber

11.  drink like a fish

12.  like fish out of water

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