Brightening up


'Ragyogó' szókincsépítés, szószedettel angolul és magyarul.


Match the two parts of a dialogue.

1) A: She is only five years old but you can’t fool her.
2) A: My boss told me to get to the office at 7 am sharp tomorrow.
3) A: You don’t often look so bright-eyed and bushy tailed.
4) A: I broke my leg and came down with flu all in one day.
5) A: Nothing has been working out since we moved to this city.
6) A: I think  he’s the only bright spark at the office.
7) A: She has been winning gold medals since she was six.
8) A: I scrubbed the flat from top to bottom.
9) A: Maybe we should postpone our picnic for when it’s less chilly outside.
10) Sometimes I really don’t like bright and breezy people.

a) B: That’s not funny. I had a bad headache and I could barely sleep last night.
b) B: I can tell. It looks bright as a new pin.
c) B: Are the rest of your colleagues all so unintelligent?
d) B: I know. She’s really bright as a button.
e) B: Now that’s a really bright idea.
f) B: You’ll be up bright and early then.
g) B: If she keeps that up, her future looks bright.
h) B: Well, look on the bright side. Now you can finally take some time off from work.
i) B: I agree. The only bright spot has been finding this wonderful flat.
j) B: Yes, they also bother me when I am depressed.

Answers: 1) d, 2) f, 3) a, 4) h, 5) i, 6) c, 7) g, 8) b, 9) e, 10) j

bright as a button– intelligent, quick-minded
bright as a new pin– clean and shiny
bright idea– clever thought or new idea
bright and early– very early in the morning or workday
bright-eyed and bushy tailed– awake and alert (often used ironically)
look on the bright side– considering positive aspects of a negative situation
one’s future looks bright– one has a promising future
a bright spark– an intelligent person
a bright spot– a pleasant or successful event in a longer unpleasant period
bright and breezy– cheery and self-confident

bright as a button– gyors észjárású, eszes
bright as a new pin– csillog-villog
bright idea– okos/remek ötlet
bright and early– nagyon korán reggel
bright-eyed and bushy tailed– éber és figyelmes (gyakran ironikus)
look on the bright side– nézd a jó oldalát
one’s future looks bright– ígéretes jövő elé nézni
a bright spark– lángelme, intelligens ember
a bright spot– fénypont, pozitív eset egy negatív időszakon belül
bright and breezy– vidám és magabiztos

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